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Cosmetology Career Institute Students

We hope that you continue your cosmetology education. The employment outlook for licensed cosmetologists is bright. We encourage you to complete your cosmetology program at another accredited school through what’s called a “teach-out.”


We have attempted to mail every current student (including any student who was enrolled within the last 120 days) his or her final transcript. This mailing was complete in the week of December 10th.

Finishing Your Program

“Teach-outs” are arrangements that allow you to complete your cosmetology program at another accredited school. If you enroll in a school that has entered into one of these “teach-out” agreements, the cost to complete your program is typically lower than under a standard transfer agreement. You are, however, absolutely free to apply as a transfer student to any cosmetology school of your choosing. It is important that you understand that any transfer arrangements will be decided by each school.

Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid recipients at CCI find information on your options here:

Dallas, Texas – Region VI
Phone: 214.661.9457
1999 Bryan St, Suite 1510
Dallas, TX 75201-3136

Federal Student Aid Hotline: 1.800.433.7327

Closed School Information:

Student FAQ

Will it cost me more to go to another school?
The cost to complete your program will be determined by your new school. A key purpose and intended benefit of teach-out agreements is to minimize both the extra costs and disruption for students of a closed school. Therefore, we urge you to consider the teach-out school associated with your campus (if one is available) before making your decision about where to complete your education.

Will the kit be the same at my new school?
This will also be determined by your new school; however, we believe the CCI kit contents generally align with what other cosmetology schools will require.

What will happen to my financial aid?
This answer will depend on many factors, including where, when and whether you decide to enroll to complete your education. To ensure that you understand the details of your loans and your options going forward, we would advise that you contact your loan servicer directly and also work closely with the financial aid counselors at the school you are interested in attending.

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